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When a soft gel intraocular lens is used to replace a cataract or cloudy lens, the procedure is referred to as cataract surgery. During cataract eye surgery the surgeon will remove the cloudy or cataract lens of the eye and replace your lens with a new lens to improve your vision. This Surgery is only done once and you cannot feel the new lens implant.

I have been told I have a cataract.. What happens now?

If you have been told that you have a cataract, there is no need to be overly concerned as you are not alone. Each year millions of people worldwide have cataract surgery. Thanks to advanced surgical procedures and technology, cataract surgery is not only one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures, but it is also one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures that you can have. Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and usually only requires a few hours of your time from beginning to end.

Cataract procedure can be performed under local anesthetic . At Vision Express Surgery Centre, the Team, on the day of Surgery, is made up of the Ophthalmologist, the Ophthalmic Surgery Nurse, the Anaesthetist and the Pre and Post Surgery Care Giver.

What happens on the Surgery Day?

When you arrive at VE Medical Centre, in Rodney Bay, and change into a surgery gown, the nurse will begin by placing eye drops in your eyes, to dilate your pupil and numb and anesthetize the surface of your eye. Several sets of eye drops may be administered for Cataract Surgery. The use of eye drop anesthesia is sufficient for most Cataract patients so that they feel just about nothing, and experience little if any discomfort at all.

During your Cataract Surgery, you will be aware of the surgeon, the staff and the operating room surroundings but you will not be able to see images or the surgery being performed. Expect to see team members in scrub uniforms, and surgical gowns wearing masks to protect the sterile area. During the surgery you should not experience pain, and minimal if any discomfort.

The procedure involves a very small cut being made in the eye, the cloudy cataract lens is removed and the new IOL inserted. VE Medical team also use the phacoemulsifaction equipment to remove the lens and to clean out the lens cavity. The cut to remove the lens made by the Surgery Team at Vision Express is very small and normally requires no stitches. Your surgeon will complete the surgery by placing some antibiotic drops and possibly some anti-inflammatory drops in your eye to prevent infection and prevent swelling.

The surgery takes less than an hour. After the surgery you will rest for a while and then go home. The surgeon will normally ask you to wear an eye patch for a couple of days and you will need to use eyedrops to reduce any possibility of infection.

You will return for a post surgery visit 24 hours after the surgery and then a week later for a final post surgery check up.

Review from Linda Hastilow .. Cataract Surgery performed January 2016 at VE Medical

“ I had a cataract operation yesterday, and must praise the surgeon Dr Alejandro and the staff. Their attention to detail with care and comfort was superb. The impressive part is the operating room, so well equipped with hi tech equipment, and highly trained staff . From what was a very nervous patient, not any more now full of confidence.”

Which Intraocular lens is right for me?

There are several choices of IOLs to insert during Surgery- Monofocal IOLs can be just distance, and you use glasses for reading. This is the choice most cataract patients make. They are comfortable to have back clear distance vision and are happy to have a pair of glasses for reading OR, there are now different types of Mutifocal IOLs. A multifocal lens can be used for distance, intermediate and reading. Or a newer form of multifocal IOL called an accommodating multifocal which works in the same way as the natural lens in your eye by contracting to see to read.

Recently given FDA approval,as a multifocal IOL and achieving good results, is a new IOL called Technis Symfony which has brought in a more advanced design in multifocal IOLS. Each multifocal IOL has advantages and disadvantages in terms of the best uncorrected vision it produces at near, intermediate and far distances, as well as the likelihood and degree of vision disturbances such as halos and night glare that might occur after surgery.

When you come for your pre cataract surgery appointment your Ophthalmologist at Vision Express, will discuss the options and make the best suggestion. Full measurements will be taken to get the correct IOL for you.

I think my vision is getting cloudy from a cataract what do I do?

Step one is to go for a full Eye Examination with the Optometrist. The Optometrist will tell you the cause of your cloudy vision. If it is a cataract, then relief is at hand because cataract surgery can restore your vision. The Ophthalmologist will do a full pre-cataract surgery examination and you will need to go for some routine medical checkups to confirm you are Ok for Surgery. Then just plan the Surgery day and let the excellent Surgery team at VE medical in Karlione Court, Rodney Bay take care of the rest.

Cataract Surgery and Pre Surgery Questions and Answers?

What will happen at the Pre-Surgery?
At your appointment with Dr Rodriguez we will do a full assessment of your eye health and complete a lens calculation. We will also check your lens prescription and order this accordingly. The date of your procedure will also be confirmed.

Will my GP require any forms to be signed?Yes. At the pre-surgery appointment we will give you forms for your GP to complete in order to confirm your general health is well enough for surgery.

Will you check my blood pressure at the pre-appointment?
Certainly. This is a vital part of your health screening. We will also give you an overview of ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ so you are in the best possible health for your surgery.

What time will my surgery take place?
We only perform day surgery. Your appointment will either be in the morning or the afternoon.

Will I need someone to take me home?
Yes. You will not be able drive and highly recommend you have a friend or loved one to assist.

What about my partner/friend. Will they need to wait throughout the surgery?
No. We will call and text them half an hour before the surgery finishes or whenever is convenient to them.

Will I need to come back?
Yes. We have a post-surgery appointment to check your progress and to confirm your eye health is in excellent condition.

Does the cost cover the pre-surgery as well?
Yes the price is inclusive of the pre-surgery, surgeon fees, lens implant and the post-surgery appointment.

How much Deposit do we need to put down?
We normally ask for a 25% deposit at the pre-surgery appointment and the balance on the day of the appointment if paying in full. Discuss your payment options with the Team at Vision Express.
BUT …..
Cataract Surgery is covered by Medical insurance . If you don’t have medical insurance cover then Vision Express can arrange an interest free payment plan with your Credit Union, or a two year Vision Express “Vision Plan” with Fast Cash.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mr George Theophilus - cataract

Meet Mr George Theophilus. He is one of our pleased cataract patients of this week and has this to say. 'I was very pleased with the administrative and medical staff of Vision Express. The operation was performed efficiently with a general sense of goodwill and concern for the welfare of the patient.

Both Dr Victor and the Anaesthetist conducted themselves professionally with a general sense of appreciation that the patient should be made comfortable and be as relaxed as possible. Since the operation, i have not had any great discomfort or pain and my vision has improved.The nursing staff were also very helpful and accommodating.' Call today to book your appointment at 4577413 or 4577420

Mr George Theophilus - cataract

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Cataract Surgery Patient at Vision Express Medical

"I recently had my cataract surgery done with Vision Express. My initial plan was to have it done in England, but after having my first sit-down with the Vision Express Medical team, I decided they were perfect with explanations and very delicate so I changed plans and had it done with them. I enjoy the company every time I go to the establishment. My wife and I are very pleased with the out come. I give full endorsement to anyone who wishes to have a fabulous time whilst going through this transition period of having their cataracts done, or any surgical procedure available with Vision Express." Jimmy James

At Vision Express, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the very best in eyecare services. So much so that people are even talking about it.

Cataract Surgery Patient at Vision Express Medical


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