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Eye Surgery with Vision Express Medical St Lucia

 Relaxing on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St Lucia , and having an organised and successful Eye Surgery, at Vision Express Medical, are the two aims of the dedicated Team of Ophthalmic Sugeons and Nurses at this private medical facility.

The surgeon at Vision Express Medical will use a simple telemedicine link to discuss your initial concerns and if we are able to help. The discussion will be continued with your optometrist or your referring doctor. 

Medical tourism - Pitons Saint Lucia

Any tests which will help to complete a full diagnosis “ from a distance“  can be discussed via telemedicine and the results sent to the VE Medical ophthalmic surgeons.

Once a surgical procedure has been decided and a full costing discussed, dates and all arrangements for travel and accommodation will be passed to the concierge service of VE Medical.

You will decide on your suggested  flight dates and inform us.

The VE Medical Concierge will then send you a selection of accommodation choices.

There will be different types of accommodation, self catering or guest house or hotel and to suit different budgets.

A  contract will be sent to confirm both the surgery and the accommodation with detailed costings.

A 25% deposit will be paid on signing the contract.

From then the surgeon will be in touch with your optometrist or doctor for further clarification as needed.

On arrival in St Lucia the concierge service will collect you from the airport and take you to your accommodation.

The surgeon and the anesthetist will need to see you prior to the surgery for a final pre surgery  examination.

On the day of the surgery you will be collected and the nursing team will them look after you until you are comfortably in post surgery with a cup of  tea.
A further visit to the surgeon will be made the next day, and he will then determine if and when he needs to see you again before you leave .

All transport to all your appointments will be arranged, at no extra cost, by the concierge service of Vision Express Medical.

If you require any additional  help or services during your stay the concierge service will be at your disposal to help.
A full report on the surgery and results will be given to you before you leave and also sent to your primary care doctor or optometrist ..
You will then be able to relax on the beautiful island of St Lucia before you are taken to the airport to return home.

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